Cellular Goods PLC

Cellular Goods PLC is incorporated under the laws of England and Wales under the Companies Act 2006 and the company number 11537452. The Company’s shares are traded on the main market of the London Stock Exchange. The Company is headquartered in London, UK.

The Company’s principal activity is to establish a premium high-quality, independently tested and compliant CBD consumer product brand targeting the expanding but fragmented CBD sector.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of ordinary shares in the Company.

Total issued share capital of the Company is 504,750,000 shares at a par value of £0.001 each.

No securities are held in treasury. There are no restrictions on the transfer of shares.

Legal Entity Identifier: 213800IXPX4Z2MKX2U28, ISIN: GB00BK964W87, SEDOL: BK964W8, Stock Exchange ticker CBX

Company Advisors

Registered Office

9th Floor
16 Great Queen Street
London WC2B 5DG


Computershare Investor Services PLC
The Pavilions
Bridgwater Road
Bristol BS13 8AE

Solicitors to the Company

Fladgate LLP
9th Floor
16 Great Queen Street
London WC2B 5DG

Media Relations

Tancredi Group
27 Dover Street
London W1S 4LZ

Corporate Stockbrokers

Tennyson Securities
(a trading name of Shard Capital Partners LLP)
20 Fenchurch Street
London EC3M 3BY

Novum Securities Ltd
57 Berkeley Square
London W1J 6ER

Auditors and Reporting Accountants

PKF Littlejohn LLP
15 Westferry Circus
Canary Wharf
London E14 4HD

RNS (Regulatory News Service)

RNS Email Alerts

Significant Shareholders

Durban Holdings Ltd

Ordinary Shares: 78,000,000

Share Capital: 15.5%

Aja Ventures Inc.

Ordinary Shares: 30,000,000

Share Capital: 5.9%

DB Ventures Ltd

Ordinary Shares: 25,000,000

Share Capital: 5.0%

Lombard Odier Asset Management (Europe) Limited

Ordinary Shares: 25,000,000

Share Capital: 5.0%

Alexis Abraham

Ordinary Shares: 20,500,000

Share Capital: 4.1%

Shareholder Documents


Document Name


February 22 2021


Corporate Governance

As a company with a Standard Listing, Cellular Goods PLC is not required to comply with the provisions of the Corporate Governance Code published by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC Corporate Governance Code). The Company notes that it will not undertake the following steps required by the FRC Corporate Governance Code in that:

  • given the size of the Board and the Company’s current status, certain provisions of the FRC Corporate Governance Code (in particular the provisions relating to the composition of the Board and the division of responsibilities between the Chairman and chief executive and executive compensation), are not being complied with by the Company as the Board considers these provisions to be inapplicable to the Company;

  • the Company will not initially have separate audit and risk, nominations or remuneration committees. The Board as a whole will instead review audit and risk matters, as well as the Board’s size, structure and composition and the scale and structure of the Directors’ fees, taking into account the interests of Shareholders and the performance of the Company, and will take responsibility for the appointment of auditors and payment of their audit fee, monitor and review the integrity of the Company’s financial statements and take responsibility for any formal announcements on the Company’s financial performance;

  • the FRC Corporate Governance Code recommends the submission of all directors for re-election at annual intervals. None of the Directors will be required to be submitted for re-election until the first annual general meeting of the Company; and

  • the Board does not comply with the provision of the FRC Corporate Governance Code that at least half of the Board, excluding the Chairman, should comprise non-executive directors determined by the Board to be independent. In addition, the Company has not appointed a senior independent director. The Company intends to appoint additional independent non-executive directors in the future so that the Board complies with these provisions.

However, in the interests of observing best practice on corporate governance, the Company intends to comply with the provisions of the Corporate Governance Code published by the Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA Corporate Governance Code) insofar as is appropriate having regard to the size and nature of the Company and the size and composition of the Board.

The Company’s Standard Listing means that it is also not required to comply with those provisions of the Listing Rules which only apply to companies on the Premium List. The FCA, in its capacity as UK Listing Authority, will not have the authority to (and will not) monitor the Company’s compliance with any of the Listing Rules which the Company has indicated that it intends to comply with on a voluntary basis, nor to impose sanctions in respect of any failure by the Company so to comply. However, the FCA would be able to impose sanctions for non-compliance where the statements in its Prospectus are themselves misleading, false or deceptive.

Media & Investor Contacts

For media enquiries:
Salamander Davoudi: +44 (0) 7957 549 906
Helen Humphrey: +44 (0) 7727 180 873

For investor enquiries:
Neil Thapar