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The promise of cannabinoids.


Developed by a best-of-breed team of specialists within the skin health, science and cannabinoid industries.


Every batch is identical and free from pesticides, contaminants and impurities.


‘91% of consumers find cannabinoids effective.’ -Nutrition Business Journal.

Cannabinoid products for better skin, body, and mind.

Drop 1

CBD Ingestibles
December 2021

Drop 2

CBG Skincare
December 2021

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The difference between cannabis and cannabinoids.

  • Cannabis: A versatile plant farmed over thousands of years for its medicinal and recreational properties.

  • Cannabinoids: Not cannabis. They are a group of compounds naturally produced by the cannabis plant with studied therapeutic applications.

  • CBD: The best known cannabinoid, a significant body of scientific research supports its ability to regulate sleep, mood, pain and inflammation.

  • CBG: One of the so called ‘minor cannabinoids’, rare but one of the most promising new skincare ingredients due to its properties as an anti bacterial, anti-redness, and anti-inflammatory active.

Blending nature with science, we formulate products with lab-made cannabinoids which work in harmony with your body.

The link between cannabinoids & wellness.

Our bodies are naturally designed to engage with cannabinoid molecules. Like a lock and key, cannabinoids interact with our body’s receptors and harmonise the vital components of well-being, including appetite, sleep, pain, memory, mood and immunity.

There are many proven effects of cannabinoids, such as

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammantory
  • Anti-anxiety

All of these elements can help reduce inflammation, protect skin, aid sleep, improve moods, relieve pain and calm the mind.

Cellular Goods products are focused on genuine needs, offering solutions for routine, repair and rescue.

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