Made from the purest, most precise cannabinoids

Cannabinoid solutions for skin, movement & daily living

We make everyday products formulated with engineered cannabinoids.

Harmonising nature with science, our progressive formulations work in symbiosis with the body. They only use the precise dose of cannabinoids necessary — no more, no less.

Because they are lab-made, our cannabinoids require no pesticides and are meaningfully cleaner than those derived from plants. On a cellular level, they are bio-identical to plant-based cannabinoids and far more sustainable.

Our cannabinoid solutions are the future.

The Cellular Goods Philosophy

The science behind our products is complex. Our approach is simple.


We use the exact dosage of cannabinoids necessary.


Trusted, authenticated formulations.


Every batch is identical and free from pesticides, contaminants and impurities.


Developed by a best-of-breed team of specialists within the skin health, science and cannabinoid industries.


Our supply-chain is clean, green, short and traceable. The new industry gold standard.


‘91% of consumers find cannabinoids effective.’ -Nutrition Business Journal

The link between cannabinoids & wellness

Our bodies are naturally designed to engage with cannabinoid molecules. Like a lock and key, cannabinoids interact with our body’s receptors, fine-tuning the vital components of well-being: appetite, sleep, pain, memory, mood and immunity.

The difference between cannabis, cannabinoids & CBD

Cannabis: A versatile plant farmed over thousands of years for its medicinal and recreational properties.

Cannabinoids: A group of compounds naturally produced by the cannabis plant with studied therapeutic applications.

CBD: A well-known cannabinoid proven to regulate sleep, mood, pain and inflammation.

Proven effects of cannabinoids*






Reduce Inflammation

Protect Skin

Calm the Mind

Aid Sleep

Improve Mood

Relieve Pain

*Based on in-vitro data and anecdotal consumer evidence.

Arriving December 2021

Our cannabinoid solutions will be available this autumn. We are launching skincare first followed soon after by movement and daily living products.

The range is focused on genuine needs, offering solutions for the following moments:

Routine — Daily necessities.
Repair — Restorative formulas.
Rescue — For moments of need.